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Self-reflection on years of self-destruction

February 3, 2015 in category Student Stories

Over the last few years, I lost my identity, friends, family, perspective and life. However, I know that these years have changed me as a person, and will have shaped whom I will become in the future. I am not ashamed of what I have been through, and I’m proud of my journey so far, [...]

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Bear Hunt

October 6, 2014 in category Articles

We’re going on a bear hunt, we’re gonna catch a big one…I’m not scared! Looking back on 5 years of med school, I can honestly say it’s been the most incredible adventure. A bear hunt filled with life-changing experiences shared with the most wonderful people; but at times wrought with obstacles that a savvy medical [...]

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Mental Health: it affects us all

October 6, 2014 in category Student Stories

I had an interesting experience whilst holidaying overseas in July. I spent three days sitting on a beach with three girls currently studying at Oxford University in the UK. Esteemed as one of the most prestigious universities in the world, I was in the company of incredibly talented and inspirational young Australian leaders who are [...]

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Looking Backwards and Forwards

October 6, 2014 in category Student Stories

I’m very excited to be about to finish medical school and start the next phase of my journey. The last five years haven’t been without their bumps but I’ve got there and I’m incredibly proud of that. I’ve had a huge amount of support from my family, my friends, an amazing treating team and some [...]

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Getting help

October 6, 2014 in category Student Stories

2014 has been a tough year. Like many medical students, I’ve always been quite used to having a lot on my plate. The year started off with the usual demands of all my other years of med school, balancing my grades with my social life and looking after my physical health. There was a bit [...]

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Why Medicine?

August 20, 2014 in category Articles

There are, I’ve realized, at least two types of medical student. The first, and rarest, breed are the ‘sorted-outs’ – who, quite simply, have their lives completely sorted out from start to finish. Every medical school cohort has them – the ones who’ve wanted to become a doctor since they were young, know exactly what [...]

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How to Know If a Friend is Struggling

August 20, 2014 in category Articles

Once you become a medical student your non-medical family and friends often ask you about health problems but your medical student friends rarely ask for help, partly because medical students think they should be able to cope without help. Recent Australian evidence shows medical students are more likely to suffer from stress and mental health [...]

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How to know when you’re feeling down

August 20, 2014 in category Articles

Anyone who is studying knows that it can be hard work focusing on your education while also managing all the other aspects of your life. At times of stress, it is even more important to look after yourself by eating well, getting enough sleep, getting away from the books to do some physical activity, and keeping up with activities you enjoy (although perhaps for briefer periods or less frequently than usual).

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You are not alone

August 17, 2014 in category Student Stories

My name is Kate and I am fifth year medical student. I want to share my story with you so that even if one person out there reads it and it resonates for them, they will know they are not alone. My story is very similar to hundreds I have read; as medical professionals we [...]

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I can do better than this

August 17, 2014 in category Student Stories

I'm a medical student. I can do better than this. I can be better than this. I don't want to be depressed. I'm just not a naturally happy person. Everything is OK. But it wasn't. I began spiralling at the end of the second year of my MBBS. I was meant to be studying for [...]

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